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Welcome to Barry Cunningham's Home Page

This is just a way of linking some of my various selves together.

Professionally, I am a software engineer based in the Cleveland, Ohio area. You can find my professional profile on LinkedIn. You can also follow me on Twitter. Also, if you are an old friend wanting to catch up, I can also be found on Facebook.

My most recent major personal project is publishing a novel that my father, Joseph Martin Cunningham, wrote in the mid-1930s, entitled There's a New Shuffle in Lilliput. I founded Mount Laurel Press this past April in order to publish it and expect that it should be available online in August.

As you can probably tell, I am also an avid photographer. While you can find my photographs scattered in various locations on the web, you might want to try these sites for major caches:

My main online repository for photos right now. Includes a lot of experimental and documentary images, from all periods of my life, so there are thousands of photos there.
Merchandise made using my photos. Since my main purpose in making the products available is to share my photographs inexpensively with others, I do not tend to smear the images over every product type that Zazzle carries. Usually, I just create posters, blank greeting cards, postcards, and stamps. Occasionally, I do tee shirts or ties, and, if requested, I would be happy put my images on other products.
Kodak Gallery
This used to be my main photo repository on the web. I have not kept it up recently and may phase it out in the next year or two. There are quite a few sets from a few years ago that do not overlap with my Flickr photostream.