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Welcome to Barry Cunningham's Home Page

This is just a way of linking some of my various selves together.

If you are an old friend wanting to catch up, I can be found on Facebook. I am a retired software engineer living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. You can find a rump professional profile, and may some clues about upcoming projects, on LinkedIn. I have a Twitter account, which I have not posted to directly for years. I think it is set up to echo my Facebook posts. You can follow me there if you really want to on Twitter.

In 2010 I published a novel that my father, Joseph Martin Cunningham, wrote in the mid-1930s, entitled There's a New Shuffle in Lilliput. It is about due for a few revisions and an eBook edition. There is also a blog there, from few years back, dealing with themes in the book and containing reminiscences about my father.

I founded Mount Laurel Press to publish it. Updates about new editions should be reflected there.

At times I am an avid photographer. While you can find my photographs scattered in various locations on the web, Flickr is my main online repository for photos right now. Includes a lot of experimental and documentary images, from all periods of my life, so there are thousands of photos there.